Mediator fees

A fee quote is provided before appointments are agreed.

To request one, please phone or email. We ask for: an outline of how the dispute has arisen; the number of parties; the amount in dispute; the stage the dispute has reached; the likely venue.

This table gives an indication of typical fees: 


dispute value

mediator fees

category Aunder £300,000£3,000   -   £3,500
category B£300,000 - £600,000£3,500   -   £4,000
category Cover £600,000£4,000   -   £5,000


These figures are on the basis of a two-party mediation, both parties legally represented. They assume a one-day mediation - please say if you think a half-day mediation might be appropriate. The figures are for the cost to the parties jointly: they are not 'per party' costs. They are shown exclusive of VAT and expenses.

All appointments are accepted on these Terms of Business.