How to appoint


step 1: check availability

View the availability page - the green coloured dates are those currently available.

step 2: send an email to request a fee quote

Send an email (or phone) to request a fee quote. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

step 3: submit a confirmation form

If all parties are agreed on appointing Chris as mediator, submit a confirmation form.

You will receive an email in response, saying the confirmation form has been received and whether it is accepted. Only at that point will the appointment be 'firm'.

Reservation Requests. To temporarily reserve a particular date in Chris's calendar, click on that date to create a Reservation Request. You will receive an email in response, saying whether your requested date has been reserved for you. To reserve multiple dates, please create a separate Reservation Request for each date.

Chris Fitton Mediator
Tel: 0121 285 3000
Profile: Chris Fitton